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Conferences - Convenor

  1. Game of Dominoes: Australia’s Security and the Cold War 1947-1991, MHHV, April 2024.
  2. Defenders of the Queen: Imperial and Colonial Defence 1850-1901, MHHV November 2023
  3. Hard Fought: Australia in the Mediterranean Theatre, 1940-1945, Military History & Heritage Victoria (MHHV) 4th Biennial Two-day Conference, April 2022. See the Programme here.
  4. In the Bag: POWs 1915-1945, MHHV (Co-Convenor), November 2016.
  5. A Hot Cold War: Korea 1951-1953, MHHV, November 2015.
  6. The Great Debate: Conscription and National Service in Australia 1912-1972, MHHV March 2015.
  7. Phantoms: Australia’s Secret War in Vietnam, National Vietnam Veterans Museum (NVVM), April 2014.
  8. Choppers: Helicopters and the Vietnam War, MHHV at NVVM, April 2013.
  9. By the Seat of their Pants: Australian Airmen and their Aircraft 1915-1918, MHHV at RAAF Museum Point Cook (Co-Convenor), November 2012.
  10. In the Shadow of War–Australia 1942 MHHV 1st Biennial Two-day Conference, April 2012.
  11. National Biennial Conference Convenor, Military Historical Society of Australia (MHSA), April 2010.
  12. Arthur Cobby Commemorative Orations, MHSA (Vic.), June 2010 and 2011.