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The Forgotten Cruiser: HMAS Melbourne 1913-1928

Australia’s first cruiser, HMAS Melbourne, was launched in Birkenhead, England in 1912, and commissioned on 18 January 1913.  Arriving in Port Phillip Bay on 26 March 1913, Melbourne was an object of great curiosity and pride, especially in the …

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The Battle for Oakleigh Station 1888

1888 was a particularly busy year in the life of the nascent Militia forces in Victoria. Formed in 1885 to replace in large part Volunteer forces which had been in existence since the mid- 1850s, Militia involvement in the social, …

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Arthur Samuel Allen and Mona Allen Collection

Major-General Arthur ‘Tubby’ Allen was one of the most battle experienced and well regarded AIF generals of WWII. He had seen active service in both World Wars from platoon, through company, battalion, brigade and divisional command of the 7th Division …

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