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Dr Kilsby has written on a range of subjects in this area, drawing upon his own background to flesh out history from colonial soldiering to modern times, including a history of Australia’s first cruiser, HMAS Melbourne.


Business history is intimately connected to people and community. Here we see businesses started by entrepreneurs and business pioneers.


Focusing on those who did not seek the limelight, with biographical details to illuminate their life and times, like Thomas Jackson of Young & Jackson’s Hotel.

About Connect-History

The principal of Connect-History is Andrew Kilsby, an independent historian and published author. He researches and writes histories and articles, convenes history conferences, and arranges exhibitions with a focus on Australian related military, business, sporting and biographical history. He holds a PhD in history from UNSW@ADFA. Dr Kilsby has a background in military and diplomatic service both in Australia and overseas (with postings to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand), public relations and corporate communications (in Asia-Pacific and Australia), property management and in history consulting, research and writing.

Andrew is passionate about the importance of history to connect us to our past and to the legacy of those who went before us. He is dedicated to recovering lost or forgotten history, whether of families or communities, business endeavours, sporting associations or aspects of Australia’s military history and of those who served. Often historical archives and records have been preserved in private collections, businesses, organisations and associations, both large and small. Through a compelling narrative based on detailed research and context, augmented by images and oral history, Andrew is able to create and write accessible history which can be passed down to future generations. Andrew’s curiosity about the connections between past, present and future is reflected in his capacity to explore, discover and describe history, not just in written form, but also in exhibitions and through conferences.

Dr Kilsby supports and endorses the Australian ‘Value of History’ Statement

Associates of Connect-History include:

Dr Susan Walter – Award Winning Land Historian – Read More…
Brian McInerny – Archivist – Read More…
Helen Gobbi, OAM – Award Winning – Read More…

Commissioned Projects

Connect-History accepts commissioned work for histories large (such as book size narrative histories fully researched and written to an academic standard) to small (such as biographies and reports), for convening one or two day history conferences and curating and arranging exhibitions of different durations and sizes, managing archival projects whether private or organisational or conducting research. While our scale of fees is based on the guidance given by the Professional Historians of Australia (see ) all projects can be made to measure for budgets and purpose.

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